Secretary: C.J. Lester


The Duties and Responsibilities of the Secretary.

(a.) The Secretary shall be the official record keeper of the Rockdale County Republican Party and shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the County Committee and the Executive Board.
The Secretary shall keep an accurate attendance record of County Committee,
Executive Board, and General Meetings.The Secretary will monitor the attendance of all Party officers at General, Executive Board and County Committee meetings and report any discrepancies to the Executive board.

(b.) The Secretary shall be the custodian of party records except the Treasurer’s books.

(c.) The Secretary will call the role when it is required and shall be responsible for personal
correspondence such as, but not limited to, expression of gratitude, concern, condolence and
congratulations, and other duties the Chair may assign.

(d.) The Secretary will coordinate all membership information (to include membership application
forms) with the Treasurer within 5 days of receiving it.

(e.) The Secretary will submit to the Executive Board any new member applications received and
verified by the Treasurer to the Secretary that mandated dues have also been received so
that the Executive Board may vote on said applications.

(f.) The Secretary shall assume any additional duties as directed by the Chair of the Party.

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